Groundwater Protection Committee


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Dick DeGrasse

Ex Officio

Phil Seymour


The Town of Islesboro 1994 Comprehensive Plan recommended studying and evaluating the island’s groundwater resources and threats.

Hydrogeologist Lissa Robinson, working under contract for Robert G. Gerber, Inc. completed in August 1995 the Islesboro Ground Water Resource Evaluation, under the direction of the Islesboro Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee. The report recommended that Islesboro develop a Groundwater Management Plan to preserve both quantity and quality of the island's groundwater supply.

An ad hoc Groundwater Protection Committee (GWPC) began working with hydrogeological consultant Lissa Robinson to develop an island wide water well monitoring program in 1998.

The Groundwater Protection Committee applied for and Islesboro received EPA designation as a "Sole Source Aquifer" in 1999.

On April 29, 2000, the Town of Islesboro adopted the Groundwater Protection Ordinance which formally established the Groundwater Protection Committee as a standing committee of the Town.

The Groundwater Protection Ordinance says, in part, "The Committee shall cooperate with the Town of Islesboro Planning Board ... with regard to procedures, rules or ordinances that may affect groundwater protection .... This cooperation shall be advisory in nature."

A well monitoring program for quantity and quality comprised of 23 private wells was established and begin in 2000 with the generous cooperation of the 23 well owners.

On-going Work

The GWPC continues to test for water quality and quantity, provide educational material to the public about threats to our sole source aquifer, and to advise the Board Of Selectmen and others as to the island’s water reposurce.

Testing Well Water

A pamphlet is available in the Town Office that explains how to take a sample of your well water for testing.

Contact any member of the GWPC if you have questions.