Building Committee (Now Inactive)

About Our Work

David Pendleton and Grayson Hartley, both former Chairmen of the Islesboro Board of Selectmen, proposed the idea of an AD HOC Building Committee in the fall of 2010 after an assessment of the town buildings revealed a number of necessary repairs.  The committee was set up with the sole purpose of appraising all town buildings and grounds and generating a report with a suggested plan of action.  By visiting all the facilities and inspecting these town properties we can determine the needs for each specific site and ensure that each one has an annual maintenance program set up in its name.

We submit our report to the Islesboro Board of Selectmen who then decide what actions are to be taken.  Additionally, the our committee is empowered to make suggestions and recommendations to the Selectmen on plans for building new town structures in the community.  Our committee members are dedicated to finding the smartest solutions, both structurally and financially, for the buildings on Islesboro.  We hope this committee will continue serving the community for years to come.