Airport Committee


Stanley Makara


Darrell Crate


Rachel Rolerson-Smith


Walter Stafford


Rodney Johnston


David Pendleton


Isabel Jackson

About Our Work

We work to assist both the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager/Airport Manager to operate the Islesboro Municipal Airport in a safe and effective manner.  We are charged with the following duties:

1.  To report to the Airport Manager any deficiencies that may cause a hazard of unsafe conditions at the airport.

2.  To determine the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining state and federal aid for the airport.

3.  To suggest to the Board of Selectmen policies and procedures that affect operation of the airport, those who use it and the public;

4.  To make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for improvements to the airport regarding safety, noise abatement, and the physical plant; 

5.  To make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen not less than annually for inclusion in the Annual Town Report on the activities of the Committee as well as the condition of the airport; and

6. To suggest to the Selectmen a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.