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About Our Work

The Islesboro Board of Selectmen serves as the town's executive body, establishing working policies for the Town of Islesboro, as well as preparing the town budget for presentation at the annul Town Meeting.   The Board is made up of five Selectmen. At the first meeting following the annual Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen hold election of officers whereby the Board's Chair and  Vice Chair are elected.  

The Board of Selectmen meets twice a month on Wednesdays.  The meetings are at 6:15 PM. and are held in the Town Office Meeting Room. 

The meeting agenda will be posted on this page and available at the Town Office before the meeting.  During the meeting,  agenda items are discussed and motions made to address the issues.  Policy changes shall be deemed approved if three affirmative votes are obtained.

The Board of Selectmen minutes will be posted on this page  after  they are approved.

The 2019 Schedule of Meetings for the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the Harbor Committee is posted here as well as at the Town Office.

The Board of Selectmen received a grant opportunity through the Maine Coastal Program in 2015 to study the risk of coastal flooding and storm surges at the Narrows and Grindle Point.   At the May 31, 2016 Board of Selectmen meeting, Ranson Engineering, the company hired to perform the study, presented the Board with the following report which will serve as a guide going forward for coastal resilency planning for the Town.  

Coastal Storm Vulnerability Grindle Point and The Narrows