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About Us

The Recreation Committee's mission is to provide valuable, safe, and inclusive recreational programming, facilities, and equipment for Islesboro residents and visitors of all ages. Donations to support the work of the Recreation Committee will be thankfully received and thoughtfully invested.

Summary of Programs, Facilities and Equipment

Life skills and camps have been an important focus during recent years, with programming including weekly swimming lessons & field trips, tennis, soccer camps and community soccer, youth basketball, t-ball/softball for all ages, playground games, play camp, visual and performing arts, and fitness.  Safety, maintenance, and improvements of our Maddie Dodge site (tennis courts, field, and playground) have become  a major focus, as we work to fund, maintain, and improve our 20+ year old facilities.  Equipment is available for programs and to sign out.  Tennis racquets of all sizes and training tennis balls with various pressure have been popular for family tennis.  Bid specifications are being reviewed to repave the courts in 2016-2017.  Thank you to many individuals who have contributed in time or funding over the years.  Please consider a donation to the Maddie Dodge Tennis Court rehabilitation project at this time.

Islesboro Adventure Camp

In 2016, the Recreation Committee was reformed to expand recreation programming to include Islesboro Adventure Camp, a full-time day camp for children ages 6-12.

The mission of ISLESBORO ADVENTURE CAMP (IAC) is to provide a safe, full time, child centered summer program on Islesboro that will encourage hands-on learning, a sense of adventure and stewardship for the environment, off-set summer learning loss, and cultivate community living skills in the young people of Islesboro.

ISLESBORO ADVENTURE CAMP (IAC) registration is now open.  There will also be a Town of Islesboro Release form to sign.

Click here for the 2016 Islesboro Registration Form

Registration requires a $50 deposit for a week of camp, $100 for 3 weeks, $200 for 6 or 7 weeks.  We want every child in the 6-12 age group to be able to enjoy camp; please ask at the Town Office if you are in need of a scholarship.  We are very thankful for a private and public grant that allows every camper $45 gift per week.

Please consider a gift to support a camper or a sibling for a week of summer camp ($185) or full tuition for a single camper for 7 weeks of camp ($1,295), or a general grant for our new Islesboro Adventure Camp.  Thank you for considering this valuable new venture for children and families.