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Town of Islesboro Recreation Department was created to provide  recreational programming, facilities, and equipment for Islesboro residents and visitors of all ages. Donations to support the work of the Recreation Committee will be thankfully received and thoughtfully invested.

The Recreation Committee is committed to enriching lives through community activities, teaching life-skills and fun recreational programming for Islesboro residents.  We aim to provide valuable, safe and inclusive recreational opportunities using Islesboro's outdoor resources, in collaboration with Islesboro and outside organizations, to enrich each resident's life.

Safety, maintenance, and improvements of our Maddie Dodge site (tennis courts, field, and playground) have become  a major focus, as we work to fund, maintain, and improve our 20+ year old facilities.   Bid specifications are being reviewed to repave the courts.  Thank you to many individuals who have contributed in time or funding over the years.  Please consider a donation to the Maddie Dodge Tennis Court rehabilitation project at this time.


Historically, programming has been driven by interest and participation. Programming for each summer varies widely based on demand and the strengths of our Recreation Director and volunteer community.

Visit for more information or to sign up for our programs. 

Islesboro Adventure Camp

In 2016, the Recreation Committee was reformed to expand recreation programming to include Islesboro Adventure Camp, a full-time day camp for children ages 6-12.

The mission of ISLESBORO ADVENTURE CAMP (IAC) is to provide a safe, full time, child centered summer program on Islesboro that will encourage hands-on learning, a sense of adventure and stewardship for the environment, off-set summer learning loss, and cultivate community living skills in the young people of Islesboro.

For more information and enrollment materials, visit:

Swim & Explore

A six-week course offered in July and August to encourage the youngest members of the Islesboro community to build valuable life-skills and learn to swim.  Swim & Explore is a weekly field trip to the Waldo YMCA where students take a swim lesson and then spend the rest of the day exploring some of the wonderful parks and libraries along the coast from Rockland to Belfast.  This program is heavily subsidized by the Town of Islesboro and is offered to residents at $15/day.

For more information and enrollment materials, visit:

Early Childhood Outdoor Play

Encouraging healthy living and a love of the outdoors can never start early enough. Our recreation director has led outdoor play and playground games with our preschoolers over the summer.

Soccer Camps and/or Community Soccer Games

In the past the Rec Committee has hosted a week of soccer camp during the summer.

Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons are available upon request based on our recreation director's and volunteers' availability.

Community Softball and Soccer Games

Maddie Dodge Field is often the spot for a game of pick-up soccer during the cool summer evenings.


A fun community-building event for bikers and runners from Turtle Head to Town Beach. 


Maintain Equipment

The recreation department maintains a wealth of sports equipment available to sign out, and all free of charge.  Tennis racquets of all sizes and training tennis balls with various pressure have been popular for family tennis.  There are also baseball/softball mitts, bats, soccer balls and basketballs.  All available upon request.