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CHECK HERE OFTEN as we will be posting additions and corrections on an ongoing basis. Documents will be dated - check you're working with the latest.

Please check with Tina Pendleton at the Town Office with questions.  Tina's email link is at the bottom of this page.  Or call the Town Office.

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Installation Schedule

Installations are currently anticipated to be happening in October, November, and December.  The subscriber packages will be sent out early in the week of September 18th.  Quickly and thoroughly complete the entire installation package. Once your completed package materials and payment are returned to the Town Office you will be queued to be contacted by Waveguide to schedule your installation.

Guiding Documents

Conduit Summary (9/28/2017) lists a summary with updates to information in the Specifications for conduit document.

Specifications for conduit (5/31/2017) when the fiber drop is buried.

Becoming A Subscriber  (9/28/2017) covers how to get your Internet service started.

Contractor Briefing Updated  (10/12/2017) These slides were used for the second contractor meeting with updated specifications and installation process.

Contractor Briefing  (6/1/2017) These slides were used for the orientation meeting provided to local contractors, care-takers, and property owners explaining the roles we'll all play in getting this job done. This shows examples of the interior and exterior ONT and how the devices will be installed.

Customer Readiness lists properties which may not start readiness preparations yet as engineering questions remain (red lines) and properties with clarification questions still needing answers (yellow lines).  Some properties on this list have been cleared so check with Tina, Vern, or Page if you have questions about a particular property.  When viewing the document you will likely have to "zoom in" to expand the contents.

Service Documents

Readiness Checklist (09/28/2017) Follow this checklist to make sure you share the necessary information with the Town Office to facilitate your installation.

Subscriber Agreement  (9/14/2017) the contract between you and the Town defining the terms and conditions governing your access to the IMB broadband network.

Acceptable Use Policy (9/14/2017) sets the boundaries of acceptable use and good neighbor behavior that applies to all subscribers and all users.

Fee Schedule  (8/24/2017) sets out the fees and related fee policies.

Owner's Rider   (9/14/2017) supplements the IMB Subscriber Agreement. Must be signed by the owner of the premises when 1) the initial application for service, 2) reconnection of service, 3) change in ownership

Service Level Agreement   (9/14/2017) explains what you can expect for service and support from the IMB services.

Subscriber Campaign Cover Letter   (9/19/2017) Cover letter for the subscriber campaign mailing.  Includes the questionnaire and fee invoice.

Property Status for Installation (02/13/18) A pdf showing which properties are ready for installation.  See guide at end.


Local Contractors  lists providers of assistance for preparations outside and inside your house.

ONT Calix 700GE Specifications This weatherproof ONT (with no built-in Wi-Fi) is ideal for homes or businesses with existing Ethernet wiring serving one or more Wi-Fi access points and other direct-wired network gear. It is housed in the exterior weatherproof clamshell box mounted on your premise where the aerial or buried fiber drop cable ends. This ONT provides two 1 gigabit Ethernet RJ45 jacks and screw-terminals for two phone lines.  A typical installation mockup can be seen at the Town Office.  Pictures and additional information is in the Contractor Briefing document.

ONT Calix 844GE Specifications This living space ONT (with Wi-Fi) is a one-box-does-it-all solution for most residences and small businesses. The router and built-in Wi-Fi features are adequate to serve most modest homes. It mounts securely to your wall in interior living space.  This ONT provides four 1 gigabit Ethernet RJ45 jacks and two analog phone RJ11 jacks.  A typical installation mockup can be seen at the Town Office.  Pictures and additional information is in the Contractor Briefing document.

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