Alice L. Pendleton Library - Board of Trustees


Jack Coffin


Carrie Thomas


Julie Reidy


Sarah Randlett


Suzanne Small


Isabel Jackson


Lauren Bruce

Ex Officio

Linda Graf

Ex Officio

Janet Anderson

Chair, Friends of the Library

Lindsey Higginson

About Our Work

The Board of Trustees is in charge of conducting any and all business occurring at the Alice L. Pendleton Library.  We are a policy making board which drafts policy statements concerning proper use of the library space and the resources located within the building.  The Board of Trustees strives to promote an enlightened citizenship and enrich personal lives through the continued use of the library. We also support civic and cultural activities of other organizations in an attempt to meet the ever-changing community needs. 

Frequent Questions

How do I become a member of the Board of Trustees?

Contact Jack Coffin or any board member with questions regarding joining the Board of Trustees.

I’ve noticed the walkway is made of memorial  bricks; Is it possible for me to contribute one of these memorial bricks?

Contact Jack Coffin with questions about the memorial bricks.