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See the Draft FY 21 Budget to be finalized on 6/18/20 here:

Draft FY21 Budget


Please refer to our dedicated Coronavirus (Covid-19) page. This page will be updated frequently.


GWI contact number: 1-800-229-2096

Hunting Season

Hunters, please review this information regarding the access to private land. This document includes the Land User Courtesy Card you should have completed with the land owner.

Ferry News

See the latest Maine State Ferry Services' final rules regarding the ferry rates and other Additional Information about the ferry rate change and the proposed modifications to the Islesboro ferry terminal on the Ferry Service Advisory Board page.

Sea Level Rise Info

The Board of Selectmen received a grant opportunity through the Maine Coastal Program in 2015 to study the risk of coastal flooding and storm surges at the Narrows and Grindle Point.   At the May 31, 2016 Select Board meeting, Ransom Engineering, the company hired to perform the study, presented the Board with the following report which will serve as a guide going forward for coastal resiliency planning for the Town.  

Coastal Storm Vulnerability Grindle Point and The Narrows (5/31/2016)

Present and Future Vulnerability to Coastal Flooding at Grindle Point and the Narrows  (8/21/2017)

IMB Survey Results

IMB Survey July19 Summary

IMB Survey July 2019 Trends

Gigabit Broadband Fiber Installations

Update 12/20/2018!

Good News for those wanting to become an Islesboro Municipal Broadband subscriber.

At the December 12th Select Board meeting the decision was taken to significantly reduce the upfront cost of IMB installations. The new policy is that first-time installations will receive up to a $500 credit toward the time and materials cost to install the IMB service at your home or business. This reduction will help those who’d like to become subscribers, but were held back by the installation cost.

Contact the Town Office to start the process. You will be given an estimate for the installation cost (less up to $500) plus what you owe on a pro-rated yearly subscriber fee. Pay this amount and the installation will be scheduled.

If you already paid for a post-construction installation, the Town Office will send you the appropriate refund. This credit applies to the first installation at a given property. It does not apply to multiple installations or re-installations.

Town Centers Ordinance Change

Get Additional Information on the Planning Board page.

Welcome to Islesboro

Islesboro is a vibrant island community in Waldo County, Maine, located approximately three miles off the coast of Lincolnville in the Penobscot Bay.  The name has evolved from Long Island to Islesborough eventually settling on Islesboro.  Our narrow, 14 mile long island was incorporated into the United States in the late 18th century after being settled by fishermen and farmers. In the late 1800s and early 1900s a summer colony was established by the wealthy.  The private Tarratine Club started in that period still carries on traditions today as do many of our other longstanding community organizations.

We now have over 600 year-round residents.  We have amenities such as a state-of-the-art Community Center complete with a workout facility, cafe, and cultural arts programming for all.  Our health center, a newly renovated K-12 school, a preschool, and the Boardman Cottage nurture our people.  We have a variety of stores and businesses making sure we have what we need to carry on.

Living on an island requires a strong community.  We are fortunate to enjoy a community with roots spanning multiple generations of our year-round and seasonal families.  Our residents come from all walks of life.  Some have spent the majority of their lives here working in traditional roles such as skilled craftsman building houses, painting, lobster fishing, and other trades.  Other residents spent time around the world before settling here.  Some bring experiences from high level positions in large corporations and government.  Our population swells in the summer when many of these people return to vacation with family and friends.  We all find our own ways of enjoying life out here.

Use the Google Map below to explore the island.  If the information on the site leaves you with questions please contact us.

How to Get Here

The most common way to get here is on the Margaret Chase Smith ferry operated 365 days a year by the Maine State Ferry Service.  The ferry accomodates vehicles as well as foot passengers.  During the summer months the boat can fill up so be early.  There are water taxis with more flexible schedules for foot passengers.  There are floats providing public access to boaters.  We have an airport supporting small personal aircraft and some local commercial flights.  There is a bus line connecting us with regional transportation systems.  Details are listed on the Getting Here page.